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4.  Can I attend Traffic School for my traffic ticket?

Traffic School is an option for many moving violations.

5.  Can I reschedule my court date?

There are times when a court date may be rescheduled.

6.  How do I get a court appointed attorney?

If you are unable to afford an attorney, the Judge may appoint one for you.

7.  Can I speak to the Judge before court?

You are not allowed to speak to the Judge out of the court setting.

8.  Do I have to pay additional court costs if I choose to come to court?

Court costs are included in the total amount due on most charges, if proper, and are not assessed by a

physical appearance in Court.

9.  If the Judge orders me to pay, do I have to pay in full on my court date?

In many cases, the judge can grant you time to pay any monies due.

10.  Where do I go to pay my fine?

You may pay your fines at the court clerks office.

11.  Who is the City Prosecutor?

The City of Saraland Court Prosecutor is Jeffrey Perloff.

12.  Who is the Court Referral/Probation Officer for Saraland?

Latonya Chestang coordinates Saraland Court Referral, and Formal Probationary Services,

and may be reached at 251-208-7154.


Municipal Court Frequently Asked Questions  (12 Questions)

1.  Where is Saraland court located?

The Saraland Municipal Court is located at 937 US Hwy 43, South, Saraland, AL 36571

2.  I just want to plead guilty to my charge and pay the fine. Can I do this?

In certain cases, this is possible.

3.  Can someone appear in court for me?

You will need to appear on your scheduled court date.


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