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Operations Division

The operations division is divided into three 24 hour shifts. Each shift is managed by a Fire Service District Chief. This District Chief oversees three Fire Stations.

The Saraland Fire Rescue Department has an impressive fleet of vehicles thanks to Federal Grants and the cooperation of our elected officials that value Saraland's Public Safety departments. Units Include:

•2004 KME Pumper

This pumper is located at Station #1. It has a 750 gallon tank, 1500 Gallon Per Minute Pump, on board generator, light tower, and a full complement of EMS equipment.

•2004 KME Rescue/Hazmat Truck

This vehicle is assigned to Station #3. It is a state of the art apparatus with on board computers, chemical identifiers and detectors, decontamination equipment and a full assortment of tools to deal with the highly specialized field of hazardous material containment.

1999 KME Ladder Truck

This vehicle is assigned to Station #1. This apparatus has a 75 foot ladder for rescue and elevated water stream applications. Vehicle has an on-board 40 KW generator, 400 gallon tank and a 1500 GPM pump.

•1989 Sutphen Pumper

This  pumper is assigned to Station #2. It has a 750 gallon tank, 1500 Gallon Per Minute pump and a full array of EMS equipment.

Emergency Medical Services

The Saraland Fire Recue Department is proud to offer it's customers the highest level of Emergency Medicine available to Alabama residents. We are a State Licensed Advanced Life Support Provider. We offer quality patient care with compassion. We do not charge for these services.

Some of the abilities of our Advanced Life Support units include:

• 12 Lead Electro-Cardiogram

This technology allows for a faster interpretation of a myocardial infarction thus reducing the time it takes to determine the proper facility and treatment.

• Hands Free CPR  "Auto-Pulse"

This device allows our paramedics to administer chest compressions with a machine, thus freeing up someone to provide other needed patient care.


CPAP is a respiratory device recently cleared for use by the Alabama Department of Public Health for use on patients with severe respiratory problems.

• Alabama Trauma Call Center

The Alabama Trauma Call Center provides our units on scene with real time availability of Emergency Departments that can handle the patient. This will eliminate patient diverting as well as allow us to transport to the "best" facility for the patient, which is not necessarily the "closest". All of our non ALS units are Basic Life Support capable. Automated External Defibrillators are assigned to all units.

The Saraland Fire Rescue Department is a Non-Transport EMS provider. This means when we are dispatched to a medical emergency, a private ambulance service is dispatched simultaneously. The agencies that provide these services to our customers are Mobile County Emergency Medical Services and Newman's Ambulance Service

Hazardous Materials Response Team

The Saraland Fire Rescue Department is home to Alabama HazMat 6, a statewide Hazardous Materials Response Team. This Team of trained hazardous material technicians are ready to respond anywhere in Alabama. The Team Leader is Assistant Chief Dewey Stringfellow.

HazMat Team 6 has all of the equipment needed to effectively mitigate most  hazardous material leaks and spills. Not only is this team trained to respond to industrial chemical releases, we are also trained in radiation and WMD response.

Our HazMat team is a group of highly trained individuals that use their skills to mitigate deadly chemical releases, not clean them up. This responsibility is left to the "spiller". Private contractors offer clean up services for hazardous material releases.

If you would like to schedule our team to come out to your facility or plant, please contact Dewey Stringfellow for more information.

Fire Stations

The Saraland Fire Rescue Department has a total of three Fire Stations that protect the Saraland City Limits as well as it's Jurisdiction.

Station One

This station was built by the Saraland Volunteer Fire Department in 1957. This station is located at 716 Saraland Blvd across from the Ryla Call center. It houses the following units:

Station Two

This station was taken over by Saraland after the area voted to annex into our city. This station is located at 7861 Ridge road at Kali-oka Road. This station house one engine company.

Station Three

Station Three was constructed in 2008. It is located at 7787 Celeste Road. This facility is a state of the art building, using the latest in safety features and amenities for our personnel. This station house the following units:

• 2009 E-One Typhoon Pumper

This is an E-One Typhoon Pumper. This apparatus has a 1000 gallon tank, 1250 GPM pump and hydraulic ladder rack.

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