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Welcome to the Saraland Municipal Court

 This website is designed to help answer questions about schedules, policies, and procedures of the Saraland Municipal Court and provide access to become more familiar with our court personnel.

Saraland Municipal Court is located at 937 Highway 43 South, Saraland, AL 36571.  Our telephone number is (251) 675-5393. Our presiding Judge is Honorable C. Mark Erwin. Prosecutor for Saraland Municipal Court is Jeffrey Perloff. Saraland Municipal Court utilizes the services of Court Referral/Probation officers, as well as Alabama Safety Institute and Insight Treatment Program. As laws and procedures update, the information provided on this website is subject to change.


Dr. Howard Rubenstein

Incorporated 1957

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716 Saraland Blvd. South

Saraland, AL 36571

(251) 675-5103

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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Violations

(D.O.T. Tickets)

All Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Violations are Court Required.  You must appear in court on date and time assigned on the Ticket to enter your plea before the Judge.  However, if you reside in another State, there may be other options available to handle your ticket.

You may submit a plea in writing to be placed before the Judge for consideration.  

1.  If pleading Not Guilty, your case will be assigned a Trial date in which you will appear and go to Trial.

2.  If your ticket was for an equipment violation where something was correctable, you may submit proof of the correction along with your written request.

3.  If pleading Guilty, please read the Intent to Plead Guilty Form.   If you still wish to plead Guilty, then print, fill out, and send in the form, along with the ticket and your contact information.

Any requests will be placed before the Judge, for ruling.  The Court will forward the Ruling to you along with instructions on how to complete your case, if applicable.  We must receive any submitted documents before the assigned court date in order to process in this manner.