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Around the House

Many products used around the house contain petroleum based chemicals and/or other non-biodegradable ingredients. Pouring chemicals down the drain, flushing them down the toilet, and dumping them on the ground can be dangerous to our surface and ground water. Cans and containers with residual chemicals could potentially leak toxins into the air, soil or groundwater, eventually making its way into the food chain.

Under the Hood

Proper maintenance of your vehicle can protect your own safety as well as plants and animals that live in our area waters.

Untreated wastewater may pollute the water we utilize for drinking water and household needs.

It is currently against the law to impair the water quality of a creek, stream, or bay through the introduction of soil, chemicals, or litter. It is against the law to connect a storm drain to a sewer line or a sewer line to a storm drain. If you have knowledge of this type of violation, call the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (450-3400) or your local government official.


The City of Saraland has joined with ten other area governmental entities in a combined effort to monitor and reduce the flow of pollutants into local drainage systems. Beginning in 1992, preliminary monitoring was conducted to ascertain the types and quantity of contaminants entering the various waterways of the area.

Four years later the Alabama Department of Environmental Management issued the consortium its final discharge elimination permit that the city operates under at the present time. It is a five-year permit with reporting requirements. Its overall goal is improvement of the water quality of the entire watershed, including the terminus, Mobile Bay.

How You Can Help Prevent Storm Water Pollution!

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