Saraland - A Growing City

New subdivisions, new businesses and annexations make Saraland one of the fastest growing cities in Mobile County.

Saraland City Schools

Building a World Class Educational System for our Children.

Thriving Business Community

The Saraland Area Chamber of Commerce has over 200 active members to support the business community.

Great Location

Saraland has 2 exits off of Interstate 65 and is Just 15 miles north of the city of Mobile.   The Mobile river system, interstate and state highways, and railroads that run through Saraland make it a perfect location for industrial, commercial and retail businesses.

City Services

City Services include 3 Fire Stations, a modern Police Force, a new recreation center, a civic center, a senior center, senior transportation, city parks and ball fields.

New Housing Permits in 2019

Number of City School Students

Number of Annexations in 2019

Population of Saraland

The City of Saraland is committed to providing our citizens the safest and most effective clean-up of storm debris in the quickest way possible. While all of the debris that was caused by Hurricane Sally hasn’t been collected, we are faced with even more debris as a result of Hurricane Zeta. However, we will be continuing our efforts through city staff and our private vendor. There should be no slow down in the collection of storm debris. We are working with the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA to ensure we get back to normal as soon as possible. To help us complete the clean up and to make sure all of the debris you place on the right of way is collected quickly and effectively, please comply with the debris separation and removal guidelines on the diagram below. Following these guidelines will help us make sure that all debris is picked up and make sure that we can get to you and your neighbors as soon as possible.

The City of Saraland IS also continuing to allow Saraland residents to drop off vegetative debris at Public Works. The facility will remain open seven days a week from 7 am until 3 pm for that purpose.




Dear Saraland Neighbors,

As most people are aware, yesterday, April 3, 2020, Governor Kay Ivey announced a Stay-At-Home order for the State of Alabama.  We will be posting a copy of this order on this page.  The City of Saraland has authorized our public safety officers to enforce this order.  In addition, under emergency powers granted to me by the Saraland City Council, I am ordering a curfew for the City of Saraland between 10 pm and 5 am until April 30, 2020.  In view of the emergency situation that we are encountering, I strongly feel that this action is necessary for the health and safety of our residents as well as the protection of their property.  A proclamation of the curfew follows.  We have included specific exceptions in the order to allow for essential travel during this curfew time period.  The curfew will become effective at 10 pm tonight, April 4, 2020.  For the next couple of days, Saraland police officers will be giving warnings rather than citations for curfew violators to give the city time to adequately publicize this order to our residents.

Please do abide by the state health order as well as the local curfew. I would also like to encourage our residents to follow the latest CDC recommendation on wearing a clean cloth mask or face covering when visiting public areas.  I appreciate all of the cooperation and support we have received to date from our citizens, businesses and churches.  The positive attitude demonstrated by Saraland residents has been extremely gratifying.  We will continue to take appropriate action to combat this pandemic and continue our efforts to move forward from this unfortunate crisis.

Dr. Howard Rubenstein

Mayor, City of Saraland

About Saraland

Saraland has a population of over 13,000 residents.


City Services include fire, police, public works and waste removal.


Saraland has services for residents of all ages.

Photo Gallery

View pictures from past Saraland events.


Business license information and much more.


Saraland’s Mayor is Dr. Howard Rubenstein.


Saraland has many parks and organized sports teams.


Contact information and an email form can be found here.

A Message from the Mayor

Greetings from the City of Saraland!

The City of Saraland is perfectly nested in north Mobile County in beautiful southwest Alabama. The natural resources, City services and great location only compliment the wonderful people in this community. The City is experiencing phenomenal growth with the construction of new subdivisions and new commercial and retail development. Saraland is called the Gateway to Progress. Saraland, however, IS progress.

Come experience all that Saraland has to offer. We’re certain you will love it!

Mayor Howard Rubenstein