Business License

The City of Saraland requires businesses operating within the city limits (including home occupations) to obtain a City of Saraland Business License prior to opening a business. The license must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the business. The fee for the certificate is based on the gross receipts times the tax rate for your business. The tax class is determined by the NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System).

  • Fee = Gross Receipts x Tax Rate + $14 (Issuance Fee)
  • For Business that exceed 1,000,000.00 in gross receipts, there is regressions calculation method.
  • Business Licenses expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the account was opened and should be renewed annually.


  • The renewal period is January 1 through January 31. Business License Renewals are issued on behalf of the City of Saraland by Avenu Insight formally known as Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS), a third-party contractor out of Birmingham, Alabama. Avenu Insight can be contacted at (800) 556-7274 or visit their website at with questions about renewals only.
  • Certificate holders that fail to renew after January 31st and before February 28th are assessed a 15% penalty and a 1. % Interest charge. Those who fail to renew after February 28th are assessed a 30% penalty and a 1% interest. After March add 1% per month (EX Mar 32%, Apr 33%, May 34%, etc.)

New Businesses

  • Business License applications for new businesses are available online and at City Hall, located at 943 Saraland Blvd, S., Saraland, AL 35671 Please be aware that the only way to obtain a new Business License for a business with a physical location in the City is directly through the City of Saraland.
  • New businesses as well as those that are moving to a new location in Saraland must obtain approval from the Building Inspection Department and the Fire Department Inspector. The City will request these inspections upon receipt of the application.  The purpose of this step is to ensure that the location is zoned for your type of business and all code requirements have been met. This process needs to be completed before the Business License will be issued.
  • If an applicant is not an American citizen, the City must obtain a copy of a legal permanent resident card, employment authorization card, or other authorizing documentation to be verified by Homeland Security.
  • Any person engaged in a profession or business that is required to be licensed by the state under Alabama Code Title 34 must provide a copy of such license. Examples of required licenses are accountants, architects, cosmetologists, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, medical professionals, used car dealers, etc. There may be more required items depending on the type of business.
  • If required, a person engaged in a profession of selling food or beverages they must provide a copy of the health report for Mobile County Health Department approving the establishment for a business license.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Business Licenses, please contact City Hall at (251) 675-5103 or email