Business License

The City of Saraland prides itself on being a pro-business community. Regardless of the type of business, we always welcome new businesses that are interested in making our community a better place to live! City business licenses are granted through the Office of the City Clerk in Saraland. Fees vary depending on the nature of a business as required by State and City Codes. A Business License Application can be completed online or by coming into City Hall, located at 943 Saraland Boulevard South.

Obtaining a business license and acquiring the necessary permits and inspections are some of the first steps to starting a new business in Saraland. To apply for a City of Saraland business license, the following items will need to be completed and returned to the City Clerks office in Saraland. If the business will be physically located within Saraland, the items in italics will also need to be submitted along with the application:

  • Completed City of Saraland Business License Application.
  • Copy of owner or responsible party’s driver license or list of officers on company letterhead.
  • Certificate of Liability or $10,000 Performance Bond (only for required professions) listing the City of Saraland as Certificate Holder.
  • 911 Form (if business will be located in Saraland)

Calculation method.
Unless another method is specified in the schedule, each license shall be calculated by multiplying the licensee’s gross receipts for the prior year by the scheduled rate, using the following regression table which shows the percent of the license rate to be applied to gross receipts:

  • 100 percent, to 1st million dollars or portion thereof.
  • 80 percent, to 2nd million dollars or portion thereof.
  • 60 percent, to 3rd million dollars or portion thereof.
  • 40 percent, to 4th million dollars or portion thereof.
  • 20 percent, to all amounts in excess of 4 million dollars.