City of Saraland Residential Garbage, Trash & Recycling Collection Services

Garbage and Trash Billing Payment Deadline

As part of the new garbage and trash contract, your billing for those services was removed from your water bill in favor of a stand-alone bill you receive directly from Amwaste.  The initial bill for the new service was sent on January 11, 2019.  According to representatives of Amwaste, a number of households have not paid their bill, and they are now delinquent.  There are a number of ways you can pay a late bill.  The easiest is to go to the Amwaste website,  There are instructions on the website as to how you can pay your bill.  You will need a copy of your January bill to do a onetime account setup. Please email to request a copy or use the email for any questions you have regarding your account. Alternatively, you can call and talk with an Amwaste representative at 251-227-8220, when prompted press 1 for residential. Households that haven’t paid their bill by March 11th are subject to having their garbage and trash service suspended.  State law and municipal ordinance requires households to utilize the garbage and trash service and to pay for charges incurred.  If a household’s service is suspended, they risk legal action by the garbage and trash provider.  They also risk the possibility of being cited for failure to comply with municipal ordinances prohibiting allowing garbage, trash and noxious substances within the city.  We all want to keep Saraland clean and beautiful.  Our garbage and trash service plays a big role in achieving that goal.

View the holiday schedule notice here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start garbage and trash pickup at my home?
Citizens need to contact AmWaste directly at 251-227-8220.

2. I have extra trash, can I make arrangements to have it picked up?
For questions concerning extra trash contact AmWaste at 251-227-8220.

3. Why did the trash truck not pick up all my trash?
They are only required to pick up four cubic yards per week.

4. Yesterday was a holiday and my garbage was not picked up. When will they get it?
Usually the next day depending on the holiday.  Please refer to the Holiday Schedule notice.